What is the Best Commenting System for Your Website?

What is the Best Commenting System for Your Website?

by John Willson March 16, 2020
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Best Commenting System

Every blog and website has comments section where readers write their feedbacks about content and get interaction with the author. It is an essential part of every blog to increase engagements and web traffic. A best commenting platform is necessary for every website.

Hyvor Talk is passionate about building engaging conversations and communities for brands and digital publishers. Their powerful commenting platform is defining a new breed of web and mobile experiences that boost website traffic, increase user engagement and drive revenue.

Hyvor Talk comments replace your default comments with a fully-customizable, beautiful commenting system. You can easily integrate it with any CMS including WordPress, Blogger, and Ghost using plugins and widgets, or install it manually through a code snippet.

Its lightweight, fully customizable commenting system which enables users to monitor, moderate and filter your comments with ease. Elevate the conversation on and gain insights on what drives discussion for your community.

Another great thing in this strong commenting system is tracking. They do not track you and even no ads in comments. You don’t need to pay for an ads-free commenting system. Their free plan offers an ads-free solution with no tracking. Completely privacy-focused commenting platform helping you to engage your traffic and generate more revenue.

Hyvor Talk has a complete moderation system with a featured admin panel. A centralized dashboard allows you to track and monitor every interaction on your site from one location. Filter by the comment, network or user, and moderate with ease. Hyvor Talk makes it seamless to maintain a high-quality conversation on your content.

Best Commenting SystemHere are some of the great features that will insist you to Install Hyvor Talk commenting system on your website.

Single Sign-On (SSO)
This will create an ID that will allow users to comment using their accounts on websites.

Importing Comments
You can Import your comments from WordPress or Disqus to Hyvor Talk without any hassle.

Feature-rich Console
Customize plugins, moderate comments, and update settings

Currently, Hyvor Talk is available in 3 languages, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

WordPress Plugin
30% of people use WordPress as their blogging platform. Install the Hyvor Talk WordPress plugin.

Instant Email Notifications
Email notifications to users and moderators to keep them returning.

For Teams & Companies
Good for teams and companies with complete administration panel.

No Spam
Built-in spam filtration based on a user’s reputation and many other factors.

This feature will make comments in pending status until moderate.

Images and GIFs
Users can add images and GIFs inside the comments.

Voting and Reactions
Voting encourages the users to give natural feedback and reactions categorize them as happy, sad or what others feel about the content.

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