SEO Keywords: Focus On Intent, Short-tail, and Long-tail In Your Keyword Strategy

SEO Keywords: Focus On Intent, Short-tail, and Long-tail In Your Keyword Strategy

by John Willson January 01, 2020
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The main purpose of keyword research is for finding the perfect keywords for your Hong Kong local small business website based on your industry or niche. We assume perfect keywords do exist for a specific business in HK. The keywords would help your business website to rank your content (i.e. pages) higher in the organic search results pages of Yahoo and Google. On the other hand, irrelevant keywords (or keywords that aren’t entirely suitable for the content or product of your small business site) will not help to climb up for higher organic rankings.

For a Hong Kong website that is competing for organic search rankings on Google and Yahoo, it is therefore very important to be able to identify and use the most appropriate keywords right from the beginning.

The responsibility of finding the perfect keywords can be placed on an experienced SEO company or an SEO consultant. Also, the use of valuable keywords and at the same time local keywords can increase the success of your local website in the Hong Kong market. Sometimes, it has to do with identifying the best suitable adjectives and nouns for your website.

The most valuable keywords could often be short-tail keywords. They are usually keywords that are within three words or less. The nature of such keywords tends to be generic such as your exact product’s name. They are also regarded as transactional intended keywords. Users with transactional intent want more information before they decide to buy, but they are in a good position to find out which product is best for them while they have the drive to readily purchase the product.

When you are able to regularly publish sufficiently high-quality content on to your business website, you may find that your local target audience actually is searching with some long-tail and/or local keywords that are related to Hong Kong. These are the users who are usually very ready to buy. It is important to put in a strategy to draw in this more targeted audience who may be looking for a very specific product or service that you may offer (which cannot be easily found from your major competitors).

There are evergreen keywords and fresh keywords. The evergreen keywords are one type that is difficult to rank high because mainly of the usual severe competition. Fresh keywords are mainly new keywords that may offer an explosive search volume based on a buzzword (in the industry in a short period of time) or topic that is popular (among a very specific group of people). As explained, fresh keywords may not even be able to remain relevant for too long. But when the hype is still there, your site may be able to capture some of the audience’s search queries until the buzz dies down.

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