SEO is the process of optimising your site to increase traffic through “non-paid” search engine results. The aim is to rank as high as possible for high volume and relevant keywords to increase the potential of customers clicking through to your site. SEO Gold Coast offer a complete range of SEO Services to suit all business size and SEO Packages offer unmatched value.

Choosing the right SEO service for your business

Now days there are two main forms of SEO being local places and organic SEO Local place’s is useful if you are a small to large business that is targeting a specific area for customers local places can be easier to rank, then organic SEO a brief example of why local place’s is better for a local business.

If you were based in the gold coast and a plumber and ranked in organic SEO for a plumber you would have phone calls from all over Australia as you would be ranking Australia wide. And the competition and time to get you to the first page would take you a lot of time and money to get results.

However, if you were a plumber and ranked for a keyword like gold coast plumber in the local place’s section of the search engine you would only be competing with other local plumber businesses on the gold coast there for you would see results a lot sooner and when you did see the results, they would not be Australia wide local places is all about targeting your local market.

Organic SEO is useful if you have a product you want to sell worldwide a good example being beauty cream if you ranked a website for beauty cream in the organic search results in you would be able to sell it worldwide so you are not just targeting your local city, but instead you are targeting country wide or worldwide.