Essential Tips for Improving Your Web Design in 2019

Essential Tips for Improving Your Web Design in 2019

by John Willson December 10, 2019
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As the primary objective of a web page is to provide information to visitors and in a commercial context, to generate sales, the most important feature of a web page is it’s legibility. Credibility is not gained by astute color coordination, nor by a clever and sophisticated logo.

Microsoft, the world’s largest and most successful software company, went many years without any logo at all. In fact, while Microsoft has a number of product logos, this corporation still lacks a corporate logo, thereby proving by sheer profit, the redundancy of the logo as a tool for credibility.

Credibility is gained solely by delivering what you promise. This is up to you. However, making what you promise clear and legible, even to the blind, is the most important task of the web developer.

Effective Website Branding

Branding is the art of making your site memorable, either by some unique features, a logo, or perhaps even something as simple as color and font combinations. On one hand, you want your visitor to be able to see who you are at all possible times, but without diluting the message. When branding becomes too distracting, it is common for visitors to just give up and move on.

Consistent & Visible Navigation Structures

Visitors who do not land on quite the right page need to be able to see where they must go next, and quickly – before they decide that your site simply hasn’t got the goods. Sidebars are where the most relevant links to the given page are to be found. A drop-down menu at the top can be used to form a navigational back-bone for the site, so someone who has landed way off base, or is starting with your homepage can quickly review links to all the major areas of your website without having to wade through the site map.

These features need to appear with consistent color, layout, and behavior. It helps if they are fixed, and thus visible no matter where the visitor has scrolled to on the page.

Make Mobile-friendly Website

Website design should be easier to navigate on all mobile devices — smartphones, tablets, and iPads. Allow users to scroll up and down, rather than making them click and zoom in or zoom out the fixed width page. Responsive web pages are need of today’s devices.

Reduce Page load Time and Speed Up your Website

Website page speed optimization is necessary for today’s web. Each website should take just few seconds to load for the visitor, especially a first-timer (3 to 6 seconds ideally). If it takes unusually long, your traffic would decrease. As everyone knows first impression is the last impression. If website load quickly, the customer or user will consistently work around your website and will be converted to returning user.

Attractive Landing Page

If you design an attractive landing page, you spend more time on it’s design and layout, it will more favorable to your website. Just make it easy for visitors to stay hooked on for longer.

Include social sharing buttons

These social sharing buttons will help to promote your business on social media platforms, since majority of business would come from social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and others.

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